Will Robbins

I'm Will, an undergrad in CS at UIUC. My interests within CS lean towards data and backend engineering related topics, but I'm interested in a lot of things. I also enjoy listening to music in hammocks, eating breakfast food, and traveling towards my goal of visiting all 50 states (only 3 left!).

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Work Experience

Contrary Capital, Investor, 2017

Yelp, Incoming Backend Engineering Intern, Summer 2017

RetailMeNot, Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2016

Techwurk.org, Cofounder, Executive Director, 2014-2015

Dayaway Careers, Programming Intern, Summers 2012-2015

Blog Posts (blog.willrobbins.org)

My App Marketing Story: 0 to 100k Downloads -> the strategy and tactics I used to succesfully publish an Android app

A Clever Malware Tactic and Why There's Nothing You Can Do About It –> how I came across an innovative scam

The Flawed Economics of Robinhood: Why Users Are Better Off Without It –> the reasons why Robinhood's business model is misaligned with users' needs

Analyzing Venture Opportunities Part 1: The Product and Market –> a list of things founders should always touch on when explaining their startup

Impact of Blockchain: Smart Contract Based Incentive Compensation –> a quick example of how blockchain tech can make structural improvements to the financial system