Will Robbins

Hi, I’m Will!

I’m the Managing Partner at Contrary Capital, a university-focused VC fund spanning 40+ universities. We’re backed primarily by entrepreneurs—80 percent of our LPs have started $1B+ companies. Previously I was an engineering intern at Yelp, RetailMeNot, and Dayaway Careers. I also started techwurk.org.

You can learn more about me through Twitter, email, LinkedIn, GitHub, and my resume.

I sometimes write about things that interest me.

Broadly speaking, that includes startups, investing, software, psychology, evolutionary biology, philosophy (ethical and political), and AI/ML.

In my free time I discover new music (check out one of my 50+ public playlists), travel (I’ve set foot in all but 3 states), and read.


Simpson’s Paradox and Thinking Rationally in Venture Capital how empiricism and pattern recognition can go wrong

An Intro to Contrary Capital a quick explanation of what we’re all about at Contrary

Existential Risk and Effective Altruism a primer on a fascinating concept in ethical philosophy

Impact of Blockchain: Smart Contract Based Incentive Compensation a quick example of how blockchain tech can make structural improvements to the financial system

Analyzing Venture Opportunities Part 1: The Product and Market a list of things founders should always touch on when explaining their startup

The Flawed Economics of Robinhood: Why Users Are Better Off Without It the reasons why Robinhood’s business model is misaligned with users’ needs

A Clever Malware Tactic and Why There’s Nothing You Can Do About It how I came across an innovative scam

My App Marketing Story: 0 to 100k Downloads the strategy and tactics I used to successfully publish an Android app


Brick Breaker Free – in high school I taught myself Android and wrote Brick Breaker Free, a clone of the classic game Breakout. It was downloaded over 100k times. (Has since been taken offline for having an ancient Google-non-compliant ad library…)

Techwurk.org – I cofounded Techwurk in high school with the goal of helping local charities catch up to the digital age by connecting them with students interested in web design. Through my school’s “startup incubator” program, I successfully pitched the idea to a panel of investors, winning a grant to fund the business model’s development.

Perspective – a Chrome extension that parses a web page looking for textual represenations of dollar amounts. It then manipulates the DOM to replace each dollar value with a phrase representing potential charitable impact. For example, a page saying “buy now for $4.99!” would be changed to something like “buy now for enough money to donate an anti-malarial mosquito net!” This (small) project was inspired by FlipWord and Peter Singer’s book The Most Good You Can Do. If you’re intrigued by this project, I’d check out Singer’s book!

Neural Network Text Generator – a recurrent neural network architecture to generate coherent English based on a seed phrase (independent final project for PSYC 489 so ask me for source).

Interest Matcher – a location-based web app that facilitates the discovery of events on campus. Chill shares a lot of functionality with Yik Yak, but it is not anonymous. I collaborated with other students to build it during Fall Semester 2015 (now it’s been taken offline – ask me for source).


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