Startups to Work At

Here are a few of the companies I bet my capital and career on. Some of my favorites aren’t on this list because they’re private/unannounced, but these are all startups I’d be excited to join myself!

Email me if you’re a job-seeking engineer or experience startup-builder and want me to ping a founder for an intro to you.

Zepto — the fastest growing company in India’s history. They have the most compelling metrics I’ve ever seen, and the team is nothing short of prodigious (Aadit and KV are still only 19 years old despite crossing $100M in revenue). They’re hiring everyone who cares about logistics and consumer retail experience in India.

Modern Intelligence — most “AI” companies are actually infra software or labeling companies. Modern is actually an AI company, meaning they sell models to the DoD for applications such as tracking human traffickers, or flagging shipments containing Russian weapons. Read my post about them here. They are looking for talented AI/ML researchers to develop new models with important real-world applications.

Stealth enterprise SaaS company — this is a Series B company building a next-gen product in the world’s biggest software market. The executive team has previously scaled companies from nothing to unicorn status, and managed technical orgs at companies you know of and respect. If you like “unsexy” spaces with 10x more user-friendly products and data, this one’s for you. They are hiring for everything.

Ramp — slightly later-stage than other companies on this list. But the team is known for building a quality product remarkably fast. They have one of the most entrepreneurial team cultures I’ve come across. While Ramp and Brex have great competition with each other, the market still has enormous room to grow.

Miter — it’s well known that “real world” industries like construction have experienced stunning “cost disease” over past decades. Miter is building all-in-one payroll, HR, compliance, etc for contractors. If finances become digitally legible, businesses can make construction cheaper, faster, and easier.

This is an incomplete list. There is a wide set of startups that me and my teammates at Contrary have high-conviction in. If you’re an engineer or experienced startup-builder, email me info about yourself, and I or someone on my team may be able to personally chat, suggest startups to meet, and make introductions.

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